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Custom App/Portal Integration with Netsuite

The Challenges

Prior to leveraging NetSuite ERP in 2007, Klenzoid technicians relied on offline laptops or tablet computers, and sometimes pen and paper, to record the program metrics that were then also manually entered into the master database at the office. This multiple manual data entry process was highly susceptible to human error. This highly manual data entry process also lacked the feature of flagging abnormal results. As a result, Klenzoid’s team had to frequently conduct inefficient and time-consuming result audits.

The Solution

The Trajectory-built AquaAnalytics solution simplifies the way Klenzoid’s technicians enter their findings while in the field, allowing for faster and more accurate data collection, and effectively eliminating redundant data entry. The data is collected directly on a handheld tablet computer and is then pushed directly into NetSuite, authenticating and validating each data field as it is entered. If the tablet is unable to connect to the Internet due to poor reception (which is often the case in basements where these boilers and water condensers are located), the data is then stored locally, and pushed to NetSuite once connectivity is restored.

The Results

With AquaAnalytics, a technician can also quickly generate a report based on pre-built templates and email these PDF reports, sometimes even prior to the technician leaving the site.
- Today, Klenzoid has at least 30 people in the field using the solution everyday. “The ease of use has gone through the roof, their productivity has gone up. The ability for them to extract data to use in the field is very good. They’re able to better understand trends.” says Mark Baker who is a Project Management and Implementation Specialist at Klenzoid. “I can’t think of anybody I’d work with again other than Trajectory and Darren in particular.”